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All three of our cottages,Stables , Nutmeg's and Skyber are quite different, both in layout and ambience.

The Stables and Nutmeg's both have two bedrooms and are ideal accommodation for four people. Skyber is a cosy one bedroom cottage ideal for two.

Our holiday cottages have been created from stone and slate buildings dating back some 200 years or more and are grouped around the original farm yard. The farming activities have now moved out of the way although still close enough for you to feel involved.

As much character as possible has been retained whilst bringing them up to the high standards required for present day living.But it doesn't stop there, we are continually updating, renewing and improving in keeping with today's requirements. They are inspected annually by Visit Britain and exceed four star quality grading.

With just three cottages and a maximum of ten guests at any one time, Old Newham is never crowded.