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Old Newham Farm

cattle silhouette farm plan
field gate on Old Newham Farm

We took over Old Newham Farm in 1979 with 9 acres of badly neglected land, our first venture in farming.

Since then we have increased our original 9acres to 30acres by acquiring land mainly bordering the River Ottery, and now have almost ½ mile of river bank.

tranquil river Ottery

We are currently in the process of improving the woodland alongside the river to enhance its wildlife and amenity value.

Devon cattle grazing our fields

The farm land has been improved over the years and we now keep a small herd of Devon beef cows, two pet pigs, a few chickens and ducks and two pygmy goats.

On the farm, our son also breeds sports horses, keeping three mares and their young stock.

We try to farm as naturally and non intensively as possible and became Soil Association certified in 1999.