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A short history of Old Newham Farm

There is evidence that the farm of "Nuwaham" (Newham) in the parish of "Oterham" was gifted to Tywardreth Priory sometime between the years 1158 & 1160. So there has been a farm here for at least 850 years.

Our house and farmyard must be on the same site as then, but our house was rebuilt later. It is much more modern being only about 600 years old!

More recently, by the 1960's Newham farm was around 200 acres. A bungalow was built ½ mile away near the main road and our old house was left as calf housing.

The farm was split into three. The present day Newham farm is a 120 acre dairy farm centred on the bungalow.
A new farm of around 60 acres called Lower Newham Farm was formed part way down the lane and in 1979 we took over Old Newham Farm, the old farmhouse, the original farm buildings and 30 acres in the bottom of the valley down by the river.

Although in the past, parts of the farm grew arable crops, today all three farms are totally devoted to animal grazing, predominantly cattle.